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Why You May Need to Move Your Gas Meter

There are multiple scenarios where you’ll need to coordinate the repositioning of your gas meter:

  1. Home renovations or extensions - If major building work is underway, you may need to move your meter to accommodate the new layouts or access routes.
  2. Safety issues - If your gas meter box is damaged, not properly secured, or in an unsafe location (like near a driveway where it could get hit), relocating the gas apparatus mitigates safety risks.
  3. Change of energy supplier - When you switch provider, some companies may request to move your meter for various reasons.
  4. Updating old meters - Outdated or malfunctioning meters, whether they’re standalone gas or combined gas and electricity units, generally require replacement and relocation to a more appropriate area.
  5. Regulations and compliance - Depending on local regulations, meters installed in proximity to your front door or specific areas could require relocation to meet codes.

A successful gas meter transition requires teamwork with your gas supplier. At Northmead Plumbing, our licensed professionals will guide you through the permit application process and handle the relocation safely and in compliance with all regulations. Our goal is to maintain an uninterrupted gas supply to your home.

Safety Considerations and Legal Requirements

Ensuring gas safe management of gas infrastructure is essential, especially when you aim to get your meter transitioned to a different site. If you smell gas or suspect a mishap during the coordination of your meter move, it could mean risks of fire, explosion, or other serious hazards. That’s why Australian standards and regulations mandate that only licensed and registered gas professionals are the only ones authorised to work on gas meters.

Specifically, National Construction Code requires gas work must be performed by licensed plumbers. And Australian Standard AS/NZS 5601 outlines strict procedures for transporting, installing, testing, and commissioning gas appliances and components.

At Northmead Plumbing, our gas engineers will Our fully certified plumbers perform work to ensure your meter can be transitioned in compliance with all regulations. Our team will coordinate with your gas utility, overseeing permits, shut-offs, transport, and reconnection after relocating the meter to minimize service disruption.

Trust our specialists, who understand your current infrastructure, to manage the gas meter relocation legally and safely.

Hiring a Licensed Professional

The relocation of your gas meter must be executed by certified professionals who are licensed and accredited to ensure safety and compliance with strict industry standards.

Within Northmead Plumbing, all our specialists are fully certified gas engineering professionals. We have years of experience safely and legally moving gas metres for homes and businesses across Sydney. Our team helps to streamline your meter relocation, coordinating every step to ensure prompt communication with your network operator and authorities regarding permits, paperwork, and regulations.

Choosing Northmead Plumbing means entrusting local plumbing experts to handle your gas meter relocation in accordance with the strictest safety and compliance regulations. From shutting off gas lines, capping openings, relocating the meter point, and reconnecting supply - we can do it all professionally with minimal disruption to your ongoing gas service.

We can help manage all the minute details, ensuring you’re stress-free.

Avoid the risks of DIY by not pondering 'how do I manage the meter relocation on my own?' Instead, schedule a consultation with our experts today to discuss the safe relocation of your gas meter.

Initiating the Gas Meter Move Process

Start the process by contacting your energy supplier to begin crucial coordination for your meter relocation. This starts the coordination process between you, the utility, and a certified professional like Northmead Plumbing.

Here is an overview of initiating the gas metre relocation process:

  1. Contact your utility/supplier - Inform them of your plan to move the meter and provide details such as the current and proposed new locations to determine feasibility. Enquire about which forms you need to submit your request for meter relocation.
  2. Arrange for a Northmead Plumbing plumber to conduct an assessment, determining the safest and most practical relocation process.
  3. Apply for permits - Your gas fitter will help assemble all necessary documentation and submit your application for the relocation permits regarding your property.
  4. Wait for approval - The utility must review applications, including those for modern smart meters, which typically requires several business days.
  5. Organise the gas service supply to your meter to be turned off - Your utility will cease the supply to your gas appliances on the scheduled day, prior to disconnection by a certified gas fitter.
  6. Relocate meter - Once the gas is off, the meter can be safely transported and installed in the new, approved location.
  7. Inspection and reconnection - Authorities will perform thorough safety checks before re-establishing gas flow to your appliances within the premises.

This provides an outline of your plans and key coordination stages in the gas meter relocation process between homeowners, utility companies, and certified gas professionals. Contact Northmead Plumbing to commence planning your meter move.

Estimating Costs

The cost to move a gas meter can vary widely due to complexities involving materials, labour, and necessary additional services.

Consider the following costs:

  • Application and permit fees which may extend into more cost than metre reads charged by your gas supplier
  • Labour - A licenced professional gas fitter to disconnect, move, and reconnect units farther than a metre
  • Materials such as new gas pipes segments and fixtures

Considering 'how much do I achieve an accurate cost estimation?' You can find tailored advice Consult with your professional installer for a detailed estimate that covers all necessary tasks, materials, labour costs, and other specifics. Costs are influenced by several factors, with some elements less expensive than others:

  • Metre relocation distance - How far the move is requires more than additional piping
  • Complicated connections - Challenging hookups demand more time/materials
  • Utility coordination fees - What your provider charges for paperwork and disruption when they relocate your meter

Although there’s an investment involved in moving a meter, ensuring an uninterrupted energy supply and upholding safety standards make it a prudent decision. Contact Northmead Plumbing to learn more about your gas electricity metre relocation costs.

What to Expect: Timeline and Next Steps

Moving a gas meter necessitates coordination among homeowners, utilities, and gas professionals. Here’s a general timeline of what to expect with your gas meter gas:

  1. Initial consultation - Discuss your relocation objectives, plans, and schedules with Northmead Plumbing, and learn about the options your supplier provides. We’ll assess your site and provide relocation options.
  2. Permit application - We’ll compile the required paperwork for your gas utility, securing the approval needed so we can move your meter, a process which usually takes 5-10 business days.
  3. Prep work - We prepare your site including marking underground pipes and wires to ensure safe digging.
  4. Gas shutoff - On project day, your gas supply will be shut off by the utility so the team can safely turn your gas pathways and disconnection can happen.
  5. Meter relocation - After turning off the gas, we will disconnect, transfer, and securely reconnect your meter at the new approved location.
  6. Reconnection and testing - The utility conducts thorough inspections before restoring gas flow from your newly located natural gas meter to your property.

The complete process, from switching off your old meter to completion, typically spans 2-4 weeks, contingent on how swiftly your supplier manages their responsibilities. We aim to minimise the cost move gas services during the transition to new connections, focusing on efficiency. Contact Northmead Plumbing to get started on planning your metre move.

Verifying Proper Meter Installation

After a gas meter is relocated, it’s crucial to perform safety checks and compliance verification. The gas utility will thoroughly inspect the new installation to ensure it meets strict industry standards and regulations before reconnecting gas supply.

These critical safety confirmations encompass the gas and electricity meter as well:

  • Testing for leaks - Technicians will examine all new service pipe connections and attachments for potential leaks with sophisticated detection tools.
  • Checking operating pressure - Gas pressure must fall within approved thresholds after running through the new supply lines.
  • Assessing workmanship - Visual inspection of fittings, connections, stabilisation, and more to ensure quality.
  • Reviewing paperwork - Confirming all permits, documentation, materials used and other paperwork is complete.

Only after passing all these safety checks can move forward with turning your gas back on. The utility may schedule further inspections for days or weeks after as well to ensure ongoing compliance.

At Northmead Plumbing, we adhere to all gas industry best practises and standards when relocating metres. We work transparently with utilities and welcome thorough safety reviews to verify our proper installations.

Contacting Your Gas Utility

Effective communication with your supplier is vital when relocating a gas metre. From initial inquiry to having your meter moved, maintaining crystal clear contact ensures the process goes smoothly.

Here are tips for contacting your gas utility when you’re considering having your gas meter moved:

  • Know your account details - Having your account number and site address ready to enter your details promptly verifies your authority over the services.
  • Outline relocation plans - Explain exact details like current & proposed metre locations.
  • Ask about documentation - Confirm what applications your gas retailer requires for the necessary permits and approvals.
  • Coordinate timeframes - Discuss potential supply shutdowns & find out reconnection estimates.
  • Provide contact avenues - Supply phone numbers, email, preferred communication channels.
  • Follow-up frequently - Check in regarding application status, questions, etc. Don’t let delays happen.

At Northmead Plumbing, we handle contacting your gas utility and ensure proper documentation is filed every step of the way. With clear communication and transparency, we deliver worry-free gas metre relocations on-time and safely.

Applying for Permits

Applying for permits is a key step when relocating a gas metre. You’ll likely need approval from both your gas utility and local council before the project can proceed.

Typical permits you’ll also need include:

  • Gas service alteration permit - Allows disconnection from old metre location and reconnection at new site.
  • Plumbing permit - Certifies new gas line meet codes.
  • Building permit - Essential if your builder needs to implement architectural changes like expanding the current meter box location.

When you need contact your gas fitter, Northmead Plumbing will compile the application documentation and submit it on your behalf. We liaise with all pertinent bodies and make sure approvals are expedited to avoid any hold-up with your relocation.

Once permits are secured following standard review periods, only then can your metre disconnection, transport and re-install happen. Permitting is mandatory, so we ensure this crucial step is done right.

Scheduling the Move

Scheduling your gas metre move requires coordination between you, Northmead Plumbing as your professional installer, and your gas utility to minimise disruption to your household gas supply.

Here are key steps in scheduling the relocation:

  1. Consultation - Have a discussion with Northmead Plumbing to determine service dates for getting your essential relocation work done efficiently.
  2. Permit approvals With permits secured, the utility can estimate a tentative date for disconnection and reconnection.
  3. Site prep We undertake comprehensive preparations for your site, such as marking underground utilities and gathering materials necessary for the new position of your meter.
  4. Confirm schedule Northmead Plumbing and the utility confirm the agreed date and all details in writing.
  5. Notification We ensure every individual affected is well-informed about any upcoming interruptions before we leave the premises.
  6. Metre relocation day With carefully coordinated timing, your old metre is disconnected, relocated, reinstalled, and gas flow restored.

Careful scheduling ensures your metre move goes smoothly with minimal household impact. The Northmead Plumbing team will be in close contact throughout the process keeping you updated on schedule progress and timeframes. To organise the planning and implementation of your gas meter’s new location, make the move and give us a call today.

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